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Johnny is awesome at playing hide and seek.

Posted on 08.06.2007 at 19:03
Mood: hungryVenomous

Flippin' hilarious.


Yo yo yo.

Posted on 06.22.2007 at 17:05
Location: A whirlwind of events!
Mood: chipperSo excited, yay!
If spring showers bring summer flowers, then what do summer LJ entries bring?

Autumn regrets.

Summer sure is fun and interesting. Why, every day I learn valuable life lessons! Who would have thought family sitcom reruns would prove to be so useful? But don't think I'm doing nothing but watching television non-stop for three months. Every day, life's bringing me several noteworthy trials, tribulations, and adventures! I've had to go driving around and endanger the lives of everyone on the road, use over-expensive pimple medications because my face is brekaing out due to incresed junk food consumption, resist pounding my little sister to a bloody pulp, and try my very best to catch 'em all™! Whoo, boy, I love having such a rich amount of activites to test myself with!


I Feel Like a Teenage Girl of the Eighties

Posted on 02.13.2007 at 19:43
Mood: lovedHorny as Hell
Today I had two tests and most likely totally failed one. Why? Well, for one thing I don't understand the material. But another reason is that I stayed up to 1:30 in the morning doing something I'm greatly ashamed of. What is is shameful action? Well, it's not very pretty. Some of you reading this (all two of you) may find yourself weak-kneed. If easily shocked, do not continue reading beyond this point.

I was watching a Growing Pains marathon because the older brother is a sexy piece of sex.


I warned you!

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I will not make a mention to the fact that this is my first new post in months.

Posted on 02.06.2007 at 19:16
Location: Banned
Mood: crappy*growls*
Well, yesterday I got banned from a certain forum which shall not be named for a year without any warning, previous offences, or any indication what-so-ever that I had anything coming to me. The reason? Why, the most heinous of crimes. I done insult America, the glorious land of the free. What exactly did I say?

"That and most Americans are naturally stupid."

The irony of course is that the only country I've ever even set foot in is the US.

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Has that ceiling fan always been so far away?

Posted on 07.30.2006 at 02:21
Mood: drainedTired of moving stuff.
It takes, on average, an hour to get all the Mario items in Animal Crossing: WIld World. Yup, an hour of wandering around the video game section of Toys 'R' Us is a blast. I couldn't find Dawn of Souls anywhere, btw.

My family is so weird. They can put off something for months or even years in a few cases. But today my parents decided to take an off-hand comment of mine about my bed and secretly change my bunk beds into a normal twin bed while I was gone. Without telling me, of course. And the difficult parts of actually moving furniture didn't start until after I got home, of course. And now my room feels completely alien to me, of course. ;_; Who knew it was so big? I may post before and after pics but I'm probably to lazy to go through with my suggestions.

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